What are the tlc care principles?

The TLC CARE Principles are intended to express the core of a caring approach to housing that guides each participant, staff member and volunteer in the TLC community. At TLC we seek to create a caring, safe and supportive environment in which to live and work together as a community toward the goal of ending homelessness.


C is for our Commitment to Caring for ourselves and others
A is for Appreciating the unique gifts and strengths of ourselves and others
R is for Respecting ourselves and others
E is for Engagement in the goals of the Individualized Housing Plan process and the TLC community


At TLC participants, staff, volunteers, and our individual and organizational partners in the Lancaster Community, work together to end the cycle of homelessness one individual, one couple and one family at a time.

Stronger as a Community...Stronger Because We Care

CARE stands for commit, appreciate, respect, and engage at TLC Lancaster
Since 2015, we have had over 100 children at TLC in Lancaster, PA.