Poems written by a veteran in our Veterans' Victory House program.

In Search Of

Because Of You

Before you came

I never knew love,

it was a word/thought

that I was always thinking of.


Hoping of it

to have a true experience

with someone who was true herself

​​and with a love that was legitimate.


Now you have come

and brighten up my day

with the wonderful things that you do

and the sweet words that you say.



My family/friends notice in me

a sudden change and keep asking

"Why I feel this way?" I try to 

tell them that love has finally come

and in my life, it'll always stay.


My family/friends don't understand

or even have a blue but the

reason that I truly feel 

this way is all because of you.

Perpetrating the Woo

The image that the boyz present

is a world filled with constant turmoil

destruction and pain.


To perfect this image, the boyz

have or are willing to work day/night

and even overtime and within the battle plan

between the forces of good/evil,

it's all fair within the perimeters of the game.


Those who've protested against this image and stood defiantly against the architect

and its crew, they have quickly slew,

while they happily and subliminally 

constantly go on until the end

perpetrating the woo.

Drifting Out at Sea

For so long, I was just drifting

out at sea, hoping that by passing,

I would notice you and you would notice me.


Even through the constant storms,

I never gave up that one-day,

we would eventually cross paths

and meet.


Now, because of the storms of life

and finding within myself the promised"peace", I am no longer

a lost ship drifting out at sea.

In Search of Love,

I'll go out on a limb.

In Search of friendship,

I'll Search until time ends.


Where there's love

that's where I'll be

wrapped with its mystic

clouds of happiness so protectively.


True love and friendship

derives from deep within oneself,

so once found,

gladly share them with someone else.


For all things come freely

from the heavenly father above

Remember this as you go along

your journey for whatever

you are in search of.

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Writeface is a registered 501(c)3 non profit corporation which facilitates journaling/expressive writing workshops to veterans who are experiencing readjustment issues. Writeface believes the veteran will come to more clearly understand the unique nature of his or her experiences through the writing process and in doing so become better able to manage their circumstances.


Writeface is partnered with the Veterans’ Victory House operated by Tabor Community Services and has provided service to the Veterans Court of Lancaster County.

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